Semester 2 draft module schedule

This schedule is a draft

Week Hour 1 (usually lecture) Hour 2 (usually language)


1 No session
2 An early response to the Holocaust: Arnold Schoenberg’s A Survivor from Warsaw (1947) and other works Language revision: texts 5 and 5a of the zamlung fun yidishe tekste.
3 Recent developments in Holocaust Studies: some useful methodological approaches Texts 6, 6a and 6b of the zamlung fun yidishe tekste: impersonal pronouns; comparative adjectives
4 Memory Studies 1: Models for thinking memory after the Holocaust Preparing for the language test: work through mock paper together
5 Memory Studies 2: Yizker-bikher, memorialisation and remembrance
6 Full language session: reading practice; Holocaust sources in Yiddish
7 Preparing for your essay: question and answer session; models of good practice in essay writing More language revision: reading writing and listening practice
Easter vacation
8 Revision: Yiddish language session
9 Final language session
10 Language test
11/12 Over to you: finalising your essay (hand-in date in week 12)

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