Week one: What is the Holocaust? Names for the Holocaust. Brief overview of module. Music-making in the Holocaust.

In this lecture, we looked at some of the key questions that we will try to answer in this module: where does the name “Holocaust” come from? What other names are there for the Holocaust? What challenges does the Holocaust pose for trying to understand what Alain Badiou called the ‘accursed century’? How does thinking about the Holocaust affect the way we think about music? We also took a short tour through the structure of the module, talk about how it will be structured, how it will be assessed and the kinds of things we expect of you on this module. We also talked about the languages of the Holocaust: what languages did the victims speak? Who were they? Finally, this session will give a short overview of the kinds of music-making that victims undertook during the Holocaust.

During the lecture we listened to some of the following musical examples:

And the following:

Next week we will continue talking about the specific kinds off music making engaged in during the Holocaust and discuss Zygmunt Bauman, Modernity and the Holocaust

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