Lecture 3, semester 1

In this lecture, you were introduced to an overview of the ghetto system, and a brief overview of music making in the ghettos.

For useful follow up, here are some of the recordings I mentioned in the lecture:

    • David Boder recording of ‘Dort in dem lager’ sung in Yiddish by Shmuel Edelshtayn (Holocaust survivor) 1946 at a Displaced Persons Camp near Tradate, Italy
    • Ben Stonehill [shtaynberg] recorded songs of immigrants to New York: ‘der nomen yid’  unattributed singer/informant in Yiddish Hotel Marseilles, New York, summer 1948
    • Numerous unattributed recordings from Displaced Persons camps: ‘Baym geto toyerl’ in Yiddish sung by an unknown singer/informant, Bavarian Displaced Persons Camp, ca. 1946
    • Some non-Jewish informants also: for example, Frieda Bursztyn Radasky, recorded in Turkheim, Germany, 1946, sings a ghetto song she learnt in Prague, ‘Treblinka dort’

Some useful resources worth following up as well:



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