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Former Auschwitz Nazi guard Hans Lipschis found in Germany

[BBC news website]

Prosecutors in the German city of Stuttgart have confirmed they are investigating a former Nazi SS man for crimes at the Auschwitz death camp. Hans Lipschis, 93, worked at the camp in German-occupied Poland from 1941 – he says as a cook, German media report. His name appears as number four on the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s list of most-wanted Nazis. German media have identified him as living in Aalen in southern Germany. He has not yet been charged.

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Poland honours Jews who fought Nazis in Warsaw Ghetto

[BBC News website: April 19th] A major ceremony is under way in the Polish capital Warsaw to honour Jews who fought overwhelming Nazi German forces 70 years ago in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

Sirens wailed and church bells tolled in the city, where several hundred Jews battled the Nazis in World War II.

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  • See also this article about life in the ghetto by Monica Whitlock of the BBC World Service
  • And this about Poland’s Jews by the BBC’s  Adam Easton
  • Click here to listen to the BBC documentary about the Oyneg Shabes [עונג שבת] archive, presented by Monica Whitlock produced by Mark Burman and Monica Whitlock

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Updated grammar videos

I have updated and added some new grammar training videos for you. You can access them here

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