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A Garment Worker’s Legacy – The Joe Fishstein Collection of Yiddish Poetry

Arbeter Ring – Largest Fraternal Organization That Fosters Yiddish

Ari Davidow – The Premier Klezmer Site, Excellent Klezmer List

Australian Centre for the Study of Jewish Civilization of Monash University – Translations of Yisroel Shtern

Avivale Yiddish Page – Excellent Set of Links

Bar Ilan University – Israeli University with Yiddish Program

Beit Leivik – Association of Yiddish Writers and Journalists in Israel New!

Benny Swartzberg Post Card Collection – Collection of Early Post Cards

Brandeis University – Online Guide to Yiddish Studies at Brandeis University

Briv Fraynd Club – International Yiddish Pen-Pal Club

California Institute for Yiddish Culture and Language (CIYCL) – An Organization Dedicated to Preserving the Living Roots of Yiddish

Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity– A Very Innovative and Creative Approach to Yiddish

Chava Rosenfarb – Site dedicated to the life and works of Chava Rosenfarb, an important  Holocaust Writer

Chicago YIVO – Excellent Branch of YIVO

Congress for Jewish Culture – Umbrella Group for Yiddish Organizations

Contemporary Yiddish Poetry – Original Work by 21st Century Poets

Copenhagen Yiddish Study-circle – Excellent New Group and Site

Czernowitz / Bukovina Reading List – From the 2006 Reunion Group & Other Sources

Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archives – Searchable Database

Der Bavebter Yid – Excellent Yiddish Magazine on the Web.

Derekh Erets un Dermonung – Site about Russian Yiddish Writers.

Der LufTeater – Rafael Goldwaser,  in Yiddish, English, French and German

Der Moment – New All Yiddish Site

Der Yiddisher Gramafon – Discography of Early European Recordings of Jewish Music New!

Der Yidisher Tam-Tam – Excllent Yiddish Newsletter from Paris for learners of Yiddish

Der Yiddisher Alef-Beys – An Excellent, Technical, Linguistic Must-See

Di Velt fun Yidish – very interesting collection of materials – very much worth a look

Di yidishe shraybmashinke – Converts YIVO transcription to Yiddish

Dovid Katz Website – Absolute key resource: a must see!

EPYC – YIVO Educational Program on Yiddish Culture: excellent music pages

EYDES – Evidence of Yiddish Documented in European Societies: excellent scholarly site, containing interviews with native speakers  and transcriptions.

Folksbiene Yiddish Theater – The Major US Yiddish Theater, NYC

Forverts – The Only Secular U.S. Weekly Yiddish Newspaper

Freedman Yiddish Song Archives/Database, University of  Pennsylvania – Searchable Yiddish Song Database

Gilgulim – A Yiddish Literary Magazine

Google – Search Engine in Yiddish

Harkavy’s Yiddish-English, English-Yiddish Dictionary – slightly clunky to use, but excellent resource

Harry Leichter’s Yiddish Links Page – Large Assortment of Links

Hatikvah Music International – Source of Yiddish and Other Jewish Music

Haynt – Translation Project of Chaim Finkelstein Book

Index of /pub/academic/languages/yiddish – Source of Yiddish Recipes

Index to Yiddish Periodicals – At the Hebrew University, Jerusalem

In Moyl Arayn – A blog about Yiddish food: videos and recipes

Internationale Medienhilfe – German Language roundup of Jewish media worldwide

International Institute of Social History/Yiddish Collection – some useful links to major Yiddish language collections

Yiddish Book Center’s Spielberg Digital Yiddish Library – 10,000 Yiddish Books, absolutely essential resource

Jewish Language Research Web Site – List of Researchers

Jewish Music Institute – London-Based, Excellent Summer Programs

Jewish Music WebCenter – Excellent Resource, Includes Yiddish/Klezmer

Jiddischkurs Pfaffenhofen – Interesting Website from Germany

Jiddisch – Online Yiddish Course from Dusseldorf, Germany New!

Jiddisj – Yiddish in The Netherlands

Judaica Sound Archives –  based at the Florida Atlantic University Library: great resource

Kadimah –  Yiddish Site for Australia

KlezKamp –  Klezmer Program

Klezmer Shack –  Klezmer site

Klezmer & Yiddish Radio Shows – Links to Yiddish Radio Shows

KOP JIK International – Yiddish Daily News Media

Languages-on-the Web/Yiddish – Lists Yiddish Sites

League for Yiddish – Key North American Organization–Publishes Afn shvel

Lebns Fragen – All Yiddish Publication

Lexicon of the Yiddish Theater – Memorial Book of Those in the Yiddish Theater lost in the Holocaust

Leyvik House – Israeli Yiddish Cultural Center

Library of Congress – Yiddish Playscripts

Max Kohn – French Site with Yiddish Interviews

Medem Bibliotek – French Yiddish Library Center

Mendele – International Yiddish Forum

Milken Archives – American Jewish Music

National Center for Jewish Film – at Brandeis University

Yiddish Book Center – wonderful resource

Oxford Institute for Yiddish Studies – Offers Masters Degree Program in Yiddish

Radio Free Klezmer

Raphael Finkel – another links site, but this one is very comprehensive

Rena Costa Center for Yiddish Studies – At Bar Ilan Univesity, Israel

Ringelblum Archive Yiddish Poetry – English Translation by Sarah Moskowitz

Shneiderman Collection of Yiddish Books – Meyerhoff Center, University of Maryland

Soviet Era Yiddish Writers – Worth Visiting

Tam Tam – Absolutely, must-see Newsletter, written expressly for learners of Yiddish

The Spoken Yiddish Project –  Mikhl Herzog’s Columbia Project

The Yiddish Music Hall – A Resource Center for Yiddish Music

Tonja Solnik & DreamSong Recordings – Traditional Jewish Folksongs

User’s Guide to Yiddish on the Internet – The Latest Information

Vilnius Yiddish Institute  Gas been going through some difficult times, but still worth a visit

Virtual Shtetl – Yiddish site, Lists, Yiddish Sites, Dictionaries, Newspapers, etc.

Welcome to Yiddishnet -List of Yiddish Links

Wikipedia af yidish – Yiddish Version of Wikipedia, Online Encyclopedia

Yiddish at Rutgers University – Excellent Yiddish Program

Yiddish Dictionary Online – Excellent resource – a must see!

Yiddish Lives – Great Yiddish Archive of Interviews New!

Yiddish Radio Project – Co-production, Sound Portraits and Living Traditions

Yiddish Sheet Music – Collection at Brown University; slightly frustrating, but some excellent materials here

Yiddish Sources – Comprehensive Source of Yiddish Information

Yiddish Voice Radio – Yiddish Radio Program

Yiddish Voice Store – Reliable Source of Yiddish Books, etc.

Yiddish Web – French Website

Yidishe Heftn – Only European Monthly Review in Yiddish – Published by Cercle Bernard Lazare, Paris

Yisroel Shtern Project – Interesting site with English Translations

YIVO – Yiddish Research Institute

YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe – Most Comprehensive Source of Information on Jews in Eastern Europe

Zemerl – Interactive Database of 300 Songs

2 responses to “Yiddish

  1. Leybl Botwinik

    You might want to add about my father David Botwinik (b. Vilna 1920 – now living in Montreal) who assisted Shmerke Katczerginski in collecting and transcribing the notes for his collections of songs of the Holocaust survivors. He also wrote music to two of Shmerke’s songs (see for example: https://www.yadvashem.org/yv/en/exhibitions/music/after_holocaust_khlutsim_lid.asp). He recently put out the book “fun khurbn tsum lebn” (and more recently an accompanying CD) that includes many (but not only) Holocaust songs.

  2. Ian Biddle

    Many thanks for this Leyble: a groysn dank. I’ll add it next week when I update the list of links. If you have any other suggestions about other links, please do let me know. S’iz geven a fargnign tsu ‘redn’ bit aykh.

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