Stutthof camp: Woman, 95, accused of aiding Nazi mass murder

[from BBC News]

A 95-year-old woman who worked for the commandant of a Nazi concentration camp has been charged in north Germany with aiding and abetting mass murder.

The woman, named in media as Irmgard F and who lives in a care home in Pinneberg near Hamburg, is charged in relation to “more than 10,000 cases”.

She was secretary to the SS commandant of Stutthof, a brutal camp near modern-day Gdansk, where about 65,000 prisoners died during World War Two.

It is unclear if she will face trial.

Her role is still being studied.

Stutthof was established in 1939, in what was then Nazi-occupied Poland, and guards began using gas chambers there in June 1944. Soviet troops liberated it in May 1945, as the war was ending.

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