Yizker bikher (memorial books)

The Public Library of New York gives direct online access to hundreds of Jewish memorial books, some in Yiddish, some in Hebrew:

Click here to access them.

Click here to read more about Yizker Bikher.

“Yizker-bikher are commonly understood, both by scholars and community members, as substitute gravestones for martyrs who never received proper Jewish burial. The scope of the genre is unprecedented and commensurate with the Jewish disaster in the Holocaust.” (YIVO website)

“In the wake of the events of 1933-1945, the yizkor book re-emerged as one of the most important elements in Jewish literary endeavor for a whole generation. The rise of this quintessentially medieval genre and its return to the forefront in the twentieth century can serve as a pair of matching bookends for northern Europe’s lengthy run as one of the poles of global Jewish civilization.” (New York Public Library website)

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