Survivor Testimonies (British Library Collection)

During the 1930s and 40s, the Nazis and their collaborators murdered six million Jews. Hitler’s intention was to destroy all Jewish communities, and to build a ‘master race’ of Aryans. Many other ‘non-aryans’ were persecuted including Romanies, homosexuals, and the disabled, as well as those who were politically opposed to the Nazis. This terrible moment in history is now known as the Holocaust. It remains one of the most horrific examples in recent European history of indifference, inhumanity, prejudice and genocide.

Voices of the Holocaust consists of oral history testimonies gathered from Jewish men and women who came to live in Britain during or after WWII. These testimonies are personal, individual, true stories, that describe the hardships of life during Hitler’s reign.

Further interviews with Jewish survivors of the Holocaust can be found on the Archival Sound Recordings website.

Young boy in a ghettoSurvivor testimoniesListen to personal stories from Jewish Holocaust survivors, and learn what life was like for Jews during Hitler’s reign.

Children in concentration campInformation cardsDiscover more about the background to the Holocaust. Subjects include Nazi policies, anti-semitism, religion and Anne Frank.

Nazi outside Jewish shopReferenceConsult maps, statistics, a glossary of terms and a chronological chart tracing significant moments of the 1930s and 40s

ActivitiesSuggestions for how to use the resources, helping you to question and explore this period of history

Barbed wireTeachers’ pagesInformation for teachers including worksheets, links, and suggestions for how to use the resources.

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