My Nazi grandfather would have murdered me

[from The Telegraph]
Jennifer Teege was sent to an orphanage at four weeks old and for 38 years knew little about her real family. Then, after a chance discovery in a library, she uncovered the horrifying truth – now documented in a new book. Etan Smallman reports.

Jennifer Teege had been asking questions her entire life.

Born in 1970 to a German mother, after she had a brief affair with a Nigerian man, Teege was sent to an orphanage at just four weeks old. She had limited contact with her mother and grandmother, until being formally adopted by a couple at the age of seven.

Growing-up, Teege couldn’t help but wonder about the biological family she’d lost contact with. There were so many unanswered questions about them.

Then, seven years ago at the age of 38, the answers came in a terrifying deluge – along with a bombshell revelation about the grandmother she loved as a small child, and the grandfather she had never met.

Idly perusing the shelves of Hamburg central library, Teege happened across one of the collection’s 350,000 books, a tome with a red cover.

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