Resources in Yiddish Studies: fantastic pages from online journal In Geveb

Emerging scholars have limited opportunities for systematic orientation in the research resources of Yiddish Studies. As Zachary Baker has commented elsewhere, “information literacy” is something that graduate students and faculty are likely to attain informally and on their own; classroom training is generally not available for this purpose. That’s why we’re publishing this online bibliographical series devoted to research resources in Yiddish Studies. It builds upon a day-long workshop devoted to resources in Yiddish Studies, which Baker led in April 2015 at the University of California-Berkeley.

This research guide will be divided into the following units, to be published in installments, each of which will take the form of a stand-alone post:

  1. “Meta”-resources – bibliographies, web gateways, online scholarship, indexes, library and archival resources, encyclopedias.
  2. Full-text electronic resources in Yiddish Studies.
  3. Yiddish linguistic scholarship, including dictionaries.
  4. Yiddish literature and culture.
  5. Bibliographies of imprints (by country or region).
  6. Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust (Yiddish focus).

Each unit is accompanied by a brief introduction. Where warranted, entries include brief annotations.

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