Holocaust survivor’s daughter sues historian over claim of lesbian liaison with Nazi guard

[From The Guardian]

Warwick University academic ‘broke German court ruling that protected dead woman’s reputation’

The daughter of a Holocaust survivor has begun a legal battle to protect her deceased mother’s reputation from allegations that she had a lesbian relationship with an SS guard.

Earlier this year, a German court ruled that Dr Anna Hájková, associate professor of modern continental European history at Warwick University, had violated the woman’s postmortem personality rights by publicly claiming that she had a sexual relationship with the Nazi guard while imprisoned in concentration camps.

The woman’s daughter is now suing the academic for €25,000 (about £23,800) for five alleged breaches of the ruling, which the academic denies, with a new court case under way in Frankfurt.

She has also made a complaint to Warwick University, which has begun an investigation into whether Hájková’s conduct towards her fell short of its ethical research standards.

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