Eine Forschungsreise in Sachen jüdische Musik [A Research journey into Jewish music]

[From Deutschlandradio Kultur]

In Lviv, formerly Lemberg, where 120,000 Jews lived before the Holocaust, and only 800 after 1945.

The cantor Shulamit Lubowska has brought the music of Jewish composers to the Philharmonic in Lviv. During the Soviet era, issues such as the Jewish past were taboo – but now Jewish-Ukrainian songs are to be made audible again.

The Jewish cantor Shulamit Lubowska stands on the stage of the Philharmonic in Lviv. She is one of the soloists, who were on tour in the Ukraine with the Weimar Chamber Choir of the Academy of Music a few months ago .

On the program: music of Jewish composers such as Israel Goldstein, Louis Lewandowski, a Kiddush by Kurt Weill, an Aramaic prayer by Maurice Ravel, works by Meir Finkelstein and many others.

“We want to bring these very consciously Jewish songs to the stage,” says Jascha Nemtsov, a professor of Jewish history of music in Weimar. His goal is to collect Jewish-Ukrainian songs from archives, to explore them and let them be heard once again.

Click here to read in original German

To listen to the programme click on “Beitrag hören” to listen to the programme after clicking on link above


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