Hochkarätiges Festival der jüdischen Kultur [High-calibre Festival of Jewish Culture]

[From Deutschlandradio Kultur]

The Yiddish Summer Weimar has now become a permanent fixture on the international festival calendar. For 15 years, there are four-week learning and Concert Festival – and that’s why is the motto is also “Yiddishkayt [in Yiddish lit.: “Yiddishness and/or Jewishness”] Revisited”.

Lunch break in the Ottmar Gerster Music School  in Weimar. The chairs set out in a circle in the auditorium are empty. A man sits at the piano and plays, just for himself. It is Ilya Schneyveys from Riga, professor of Klezmer music. Even as a child he came into contact with the Yiddish language.

“It was the same for my grandfather and my mother. I understand Yiddish because I’ve played a lot of Yiddish music; I haven’t sung so much, but accompanied a lot. I’ve been occupied with Yiddish music for 12 years, or so.”

Since 2006, Ilya has been coming every year to Weimar, to teach and to inform himself about new developments.

Click here to continue reading in the original German or click on “Beitrag hören” to listen to the programme

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