Essay question 8: discussion

Write a critical summary of the introduction to Shmerke Kaczerginsky’s Dos gezang fun vilner geto (Paris: Verband fun di Vilner in Frankreich, 1947). Your answer should contextualise Kaczerginski’s work within the broader phenomenon of zamler-kultur in the immediate aftermath of the Holocaust.

Text for Q8 is available in Appendix 3 of the Module Handbook, along with N. Feynshteyn’s useful editorial preface, and a vocabulary list to help you read it.

The full text of this collection is also available on Blackboard and from the Yiddish Book Center’s Steven Spielberg Library here

additional vocabulary  (follow this link for a pdf file with additional information about the Feynshteyn and Kaczerginski texts)

[please also check out this page  which has additional advice which you will find useful]


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2 responses to “Essay question 8: discussion

  1. Ian Biddle

    Dear students: please feel free to leave any queries about this essay question here. I’ll answer as quickly as I can.

  2. Ian Biddle

    [please note: this comment is now out of date and was posted in relation to the 2012-13 delivery of this module; please check any advice given here against the latest version of the module documentation]

    Dear students answering this question, a student recently emailed me with a list of queries re his/her reading of some of the words in the two documents (feynshteyn and kaczerginski). My feedback on these is attached in the above post as a file at the bottom. Just click here to access this file.

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